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Cars and technology are very different then they were even 20 years ago. We have learned many things about vehicles, crashes and physics applications on our bodies. Modern vehicles now have more technology than ever before with multiple locations for airbags - including in some seat-belts! If you haven't kept up with the changes - that's OK! We have!

Tricky Situation?

Are you trying to fit 2 or more Car-Seats into your vehicle? Strange Seat-belt geometry? Vehicle seats oddly shaped?

Suddenly expecting multiples, or maybe just a surprise? We often get asked to help families solve their backseat puzzles, avoid CRS/Vehicle incompatibilities, and make sure everyone is riding safely.

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A properly installed Child Restraint System (CRS); more commonly called a Car-Seat, can reduce the risk of serious injury by 70% and death by 90%. However, public clinics indicate that as many as 90% of car-seats are installed or used improperly.

Everyone who has tried can attest that CRS can be difficult to install - With confusing manuals and belt paths, it can be tricky to navigate. Reading the manual doesn't always help either!

If you have never required a CRS before, or are physically unable to install the seat snugly, or perhaps the current installation doesn't feel right to you, please make contact!

A one on one private appointment will our nationally-certified staff takes about 45 minutes per CRS, and will give you an educated peace of mind about your child's safety in your vehicle

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  • The Best Car-Seat?

    Yes, there is one! it's the seat that (1) Fits your Vehicle, (2) Fits your Child, and (3) You can use it Correctly Every Trip. Every child is different - so every seat and vehicle combination! Let us help with our extensive knowledge!

  • Not quite right?

    Something seem off about your current seat installation? Want peace of mind, or just a second set of eyes? We are more than glad to help keep your precious cargo safe.

  • Our Place or yours?

    Multiple cars? Multiple seats? No trouble. You can come to our home office near Fisher Av at Meadowlands; or we can come to you!.

  • Educational Services

    New Parent or Grandparent? Every one of our CRS Inspection meetings comes with harness education to help you be sure your little is as safe as can be every ride.

  • Seat Belts & Car-Seats

    Modern vehicles have changed the way we as a society live, and as a result, we are spending more time in them, having more crashes, and learning much. In those same 30 years, Car-seats have traveled from a swing shaped seat that went over the backseat, to having legislated use of a CRS, and now to seats that have their own airbag systems!

  • Why Chartreuse?

    It's an anagram of my first/husband's last names. It's also a lovely colour.

  • Shopping!

    Don't know a thing about car seats? What will fit in your car? What is easy to use? We can come shopping with you, and take the confusion out of the purchase.

  • Know the Laws, Use Best Practice

    The legal minimums for each stage are wildly different than best practice! We can help you make sense of both!

  • Paperless, or Paper Required?

    Every CRS Inspection performed by our office comes with a copy of the Inspection form for your records. If you prefer digital to paper, we can send your form via .pdf

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